Laptop Stands & Tables

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The more you sit and stand, the more important it is that you do it right. Desks that let you sit, stand, or alternate between the two are essential. Ergonomic for your whole family too, because we’re all different.

*Flat Packed (Requires Assembly – Accessories not included)


We understand that not everyone has space for a desk and that working from the couch (or your bed) can actually be the most practical option in tiny apartments, where a laptop table can make all the difference.
Posting a photo, paying the bills, finding a recipe, reading the news. A laptop stand or laptop table can help make your connected life more comfortable throughout the home. Just remember, if you’re video chatting with mom, she can see how tidy or messy your room is.The smaller surface on the right stays flat and is a good place for your morning coffee.

*Flat Packed (Requires Assembly – Accessories not included)